Friday, October 21, 2011

Clark Klaasen: Interview - Stage 1 2011 Q School

Every athlete dreams of what it would be like to go PRO and wonders if they have what it takes to compete. We'd like to invite you to join us next week for two exciting new events with professional golfer Clark Klaasen as he prepares for Q School on his way to breaking through to the PGA Tour.

An interview with Clark... gain insight from his personal perspective on his golf game, swing, training and in general life as professional golfer since graduating from Duke University and the Duke Golf program.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clark Klaasen: Swing Biomechanics and Training - Stage 1 2011 Q School

We will be documenting ZenoLink golfer Clark Klaasen's training process as he attempts to capture that elusive PGA "tour card". Prior to each stage of Q School we will review his ZenoLink data and discuss how we are using the data to design a unique training cycle for each stage. We will also schedule time to interview Clark himself to discuss his game, training and strategy.

This webinar will focus on data analysis of his current swing biomechanics and the PST training program designed to peak his body and his biomechanics for Stage 1 play. We will also discuss the overall strategy for implementing training over the course of the next three months for each of the 3 stages.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Webinar about The Biomechanics of Shot Speed in Lacrosse. Power and Speed in a Lacrosse shot are a result of effective lower body mechanics, core differentiation and bracing and stick whip.

During this webinar, we will begin to discuss the three key areas that allow a player to develop shot speed.

1) How effective lower body mechanics create power
2) How Power is converted into rotational speed through the core
3) How rotational speed produces stick speed via "whip"

In addition to discussing the biomechanics of movement, we will overview aspects of using ZenoLink's Progressive Skills Training (PST) to effectively train power and stick speed through improved coordination.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Design an Off-Season Training Program Using PST

Make the most of an off season program by integrating ZenoLink Progressive Skills Training (PST).

In this webinar, we will discuss how to design an effective off season program that will give you an edge next spring/summer. Use PST (Progressive Skills Training) to drive the process. Augment your skills/coordination training with more generalized strength/condition/mobility/power to optimize your efforts.

Don't just "hit the gym" this off season to stay in shape and work on general strength, conditioning and speed, instead create a game plan to improve coordination and performance. Use a ZenoLink 3-D analysis to create a blueprint for improvement based on your individual strengths and weaknesses. Employ specialized coordination/skills training via PST based on the blueprint to ensure success.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Biomechanics of Pitching: Maximum Velocity and Efficiency.

Maximize throwing velocity while minimizing the risk of mechanical injury through improved biomechanics and throwing efficiency.

The keys to maximum throwing velocity and efficiency.

1. lower body drives the power process
2. core turns power into rotational speed
3. maximum arm speed comes from shoulder internal rotation velocity

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